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A community filled with driven, passionate, humble individuals with a common goal of having an impact on the world for a better tomorrow.

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This is not your classic everyday NFT project that only revolves around Play-to-Earn or the art. We are a community of dreamers who are crazy enough to think we can change the world for the better through blockchain technology by gamifying education. We want to make education easily accessible to everyone, everywhere. It's a big dream – a crazy dream – but we believe it is a dream worth fighting for.


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From a tight knit community to royalties, investments, partnerships and even revenue sharing. We are providing so much value that you better read our Whitepaper.

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Our community stands strong together through thick and thin as we celebrate the good moments and waver the difficult ones.

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CPC stands for Cryptopreneurs Club. From the beginning, our values were to empower the people to reach their own financial goals and happiness in whatever terms that might mean for each individual. As for us, the NFT space is all about growing together. For this reason, we focused our efforts on creating a strong community of like minded people where we began providing valuable content for newcomers to understand the space. Consequently, we started to see a movement within our own community where people were sharing knowledge and helping each other out without any selfishness. It just felt like a true family. Following all of our efforts, we then decided to launch our own NFT collection consisting of 8,888 Cryptopreneurs as it was requested by our members.
- The NFT Hunter, a snipping tool with its own Chrome Extension and web interface to make your sniping process faster and    efficient with features never seen before.
- Provide opportunities ranging from educational memberships as well as life changing events, masterminds, entrepreneurship    and empowering events.
- Funding the Community wallet for our holders with the sole purpose of supporting our community to reach their own dreams.
- Revenue sharing from our Merch Store to give back to the community.
- Discount to our Holders on the marketing packages from our company.
- Exclusive Merchandise for Holders.
- Exclusive Airdrops.
- Chartible Donations.
Yes, but instead of asking you to basically spam the chat, we will be whitelisting those individuals who actually bring value to the community by helping others as well as creating genuine connections with other members.
The ERC-721 token on the Ethereum Blockchain.
We will be sharing more information about the official launch soon.
To be determined.

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